Happy Birthday Dear Goldfish


On 30th April 1983 I bought some records and my life tilted slightly off its axis. On 30th April 2013 I wrote about that day 30 years previously on a new blog I tentatively named after a line from a Yeah Yeah Noh song. And that’s how it all started. Three years on, there’s over one hundred posts on the main blog, a few posts on the sister blog One Hundred Goldfish and numerous pieces I have written for other blogs. Not to mention over twenty podcasts for Goldfish Radio.

Blimey, how did that all happen?

Well I suppose it happened because of you, dear reader. If it wasn’t for the support of my readers I wouldn’t still be writing.  I’m always amazed by the reaction I receive to anything I create – self depreciation hides low self esteem, I can always find fault in my own work so… Er. .there’s no end to that sentence. (Can you tell I’m writing this ten minutes after I woke up?) But the response and support of those around me has kept me going on here, it’s lovely to know that other people like the same kind of things as me or are prepared to let me witter on about whatever I want to ramble about for their websites.

So yes I haven’t really written much recently on this blog and yes that’s my fault for neglecting the Goldfish but the new Microdisney post is doing well and seems to have hit a nerve with readers old and new. But maybe it’s time I did a round up of pieces I have written for other blogs in the last few months, just in case you missed them.

Back in February, Nicola at the Sounds Familiar website was on Twitter saying how “Rubber Soul” was one of her favourite Beatles albums and I fired back a series of tweets of points why I loved it. She asked me to expand on my thoughts for her website and the article is here. It’s quite a good little article and was written about a week before George Martin passed away so I’m glad I mentioned his contribution to the album which was very important but also subtle.

I have also written a few pieces for the Everything Indie Over 40 website. I may have previously mentioned I wrote a few Indie CV articles, one on Margaret Fiedler and another on Jez and Andy Williams. I should be writing another Indie CV soon too. Anyway, I reviewed the latest album by Murals for the website, which turned into a rumination on how technology has changed our listening habits. But the Murals album is great, you should give it a listen. I also wrote a gig review of Ride at Bristol Ansom Rooms at the end of last year which was a tremendous gig.  Thanks to Ray at Country Mile offering me a ticket.

I’ve also written a few Toppermost articles, not many admittedly but there will be a new one along very soon on The Electric Prunes.  I have updated my Toppermost page at the top of the blog to include my latest musings there.  Always check out Toppermost, there’s always something interesting there, a great collection of writers passionate about music – the recent contributions by John Hartley have been top notch and … well… if you like my style of writing, then John does it a hundred times better than me. (Self depreciation again). Anyway, have a look.

I’ve also been creating a load of Goldfish Radio podcasts – twenty three of them in total with more to come. There’s a dedicated page with information about all of the shows here, people seem to like them, maybe you will too.

As ever I have to think so many people for their help and support throughout these years. Merric at Toppermost and Steve at Everything Indie Over 40 have been great and very patient with me. Adam J at Radio Scarborough and Nicola T at Sounds Familiar have also helped spread the word. Josh M at Main FM in Castlemaine has been fab too. Can’t forget Marcello and Lena at Then Play Long – huge support there, always sharing what I do. There’s probably more if I think about it…. David S in Prospect Hill, Esther in California, Ray at Country Mile, Wally at The Beautiful Music, Keith S, Rick L David T, Dave B, all my family and friends, the PTFA and staff at school, everyone in the Everything Indie Over 40 community, The Autumn Stones, Huge Shark, Andy M, Darren R, Tim W… love you all, thank you all.

Anything else? No? Let’s blow out the candles and cut the cake up. Happy birthday Goldfish!

1 thought on “Happy Birthday Dear Goldfish

  1. Reading your blog from a small town in southeastern Nigeria. I enjoy it a lot. I have followed pop music and indie music for many years, but you have brought my attention to many that passed me by. For that I am very grateful. Always looking forward to the next one.

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