I am Rob Morgan, I’m in my mid forties, obsessed with music past and present and future and what memories and thoughts that music inspires. If you want to see my random thoughts – usually involving music and housework – I am on Twitter as @durutti74.

I try to write something new every couple of weeks – except during the summer holidays when things slow down a little – so do keep an eye out for me, but probably only once a week. Or follow me on Twitter and I’ll tweet my blog updates. I may not be essential reading but if you like indie or 80s or slightly odd music, I may write the occasional interesting word or two. Oh and I don’t use obvious titles so it might be worth scanning through articles to see if they’re interesting to your tastes. Anything called “Mangled Tapes” will be my own recordings from years ago and aren’t essential to the story. (The story?). I write here and I also write regularly for Toppermost and I’ve created a page with links to all my Toppermost posts. I have also started another blog entitled One Hundred Goldfish where I look at individual songs.

All views are entirely my own, you may not agree with them and that is your right. These are my thoughts and memories, I’m putting them out there in case anyone is interested. This blog may last forever or it may be over in three months, but it will always be there somewhere on the internet. It will never go away.

Thank you for reading, I’m still learning the ropes so any views or comments are welcome.

7 thoughts on “About

  1. Found you via Then Play Long. Brilliant stuff here, we seem to have very similar tastes. Imagine how much I had to pay for some of those records (imports, here) in the States.

  2. Loved your thoughts on Colin Blunstone’s “Misty roses” (I want that song at my funeral- not any time too soon, I hope.) It hit me hard in the heart too.!! I cherish that album ONE YEAR. You write so well / I’m thrilled to find you.

    1. Thanks for your lovely reply Rob. Sorry, I only just came across it (umm- only 9 months later!) I don’t do twitter (showing my age!) We went to WOMAD for the first time this year and loved it. The Swan Sisters ( from Wellington) were a favourite. So fresh, positive and joyful.! We love listening to THE MOST radio station 100.4FM here in Taranaki. They play such good music, stuff you never hear on mainstream radio. Sunday (volunteer DJ’s) is a “must listen” day for us. (But then we’re older than you.)

  3. Did wonder who the other Rob Morgan was. Like you my days at Evenlode were a joy and your memories brought back some happy reminders of my time there albeit 5 years earlier. My year dug the hole for the pond!

  4. Hello Rob. Presumably by posting this you’ll have my email address. Drop me a line and I’ll send you 18W4, (if you like of course).

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