Everyone loves to argue over a top ten list – whether it be music or films or books or people or sweets (hmm, top ten sweets…. Now there’s a thought). If you like musical top tens then Toppermost is the website to check out. There’s over 350 articles there about different artists with a top ten songs included. It’s an ever-expanding universe with some excellent writers – and they let me write there! Amazing! Anyway I thought it might be a good idea to place all my Toppermost posts in one place, and whenever I write a new one I’ll add it to this page.

So here are all my Toppermosts

The Kingsbury Manx

The Attack

Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark



The Orchids

The Durutti Column

Penguin Cafe Orchestra

Half Man Half Biscuit (written with Rick J Leach)

Teenage Fanclub (written with Keith Shackleton aka the Riverboat Captain)

The United States Of America


The Smiths

Syd Barrett

Stockholm Monsters

The Teardrop Explodes

The Beach Boys (written with Peter Viney and David Lewis)

Ultra Vivid Scene

Bill Nelson (written with David Shaw)

The Left Banke

The Rutles

Please have a look at the other articles at the Toppermost website – I’m sure you will find something interesting whatever your taste in music (unless Gregorian chants are your thing, in which case sorry)

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