What We Did On Our Holidays

Every year I say it – “I’m taking a break over the Summer holidays” – and every year I end up writing throughout the summer. This year hasn’t been any different. Regular readers of Goldfish will think I have been shirking a little lately – I’ve only written about three full posts on this blog this year but hell I’ve moved house and I’m still getting life organised. Don’t worry, there’s still more to come from Goldfish – the continuing story of my second year in Sheffield plus pieces on Saint Etienne and Ride are in the pipeline.

On the other hand, if you don’t follow me on Twitter (and why should you?) you may not have spotted other posts that I have written recently for other websites. So here’s a round up of pieces I’ve written this year which may have passes you by.

I am a regular contributor to the Everything Indie Over 40 community on Twitter, a group of like minded folks who have a love for indie music old and new. A month ago the community set up a website which is an excellent portal into that world – lots to read there and respond to. I have been asked to write a regular feature called “The Indie CV” where I examine an individual’s career in music and the records and bands they have been involved in. So far I’ve written two CVs, one for Margaret Fiedler (Moonshake, Laika) and another for the Williams twins Andy and Jez (Sub Sub, Doves, Black Rivers). Links to both are here, and it’s well worth looking around the site if you have the time.

Indie CV – Margaret Fiedler

Indie CV – Jez and Andy Williams

The Music Vs The World website recently asked a number of writers to contribute a piece on a random decade in music, two writers took a decade each and it was an interesting read all round. I was asked to write about the Nineties and my post is available here. Thanks to Fi for thinking of me and I hope it was ok.

Music Vs The World – The 90s

A new website called When That Song Plays lets writers examine one song and what it means to them,.memories, thoughts and feelings. I wrote a piece for them about “Boy from school” by Hot Chip and the birth of my son in 2006. You can read it here and again, the website has plenty more content to read.

Hot Chip – Boy From School

The experience of writing about one song at a time gave me an idea for a subsidiary blog called One Hundred Goldfish where I recall one song and the memories associated with it. So far I’ve posted three pieces there and they are all listed below.

East River Pipe and Kylie Minogue


The Boo Radleys

Of course I couldn’t miss out Toppermost – a marvellous website with nearly 500 contributions from over 70 writers. I’ve written a good dozen or more pieces for Toppermost in the last couple of years and there is a separate page listing all my contributions here.


I have just polished off another Toppermost on The Rutles which should be available in a couple of weeks. Again, please take a look around the website, there’s plenty to get stuck into there.

And of course I’ve done six podcasts for Goldfish Radio, and there will be a page about that within the menu at the top of this page very shortly.

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank all the above websites’ for letting me ramble on endlessly about music. It’s a lovely feeling getting positive feedback about something so personal as.music.

Enjoy your Summer holidays and Goldfish will return in September with the Winter into Spring 89, Morrissey, Virginia Astley and Eyeless In Gaza..

Take care and God bless.

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