A Place Called Home

Yes, it’s been a long time since I wrote a decent post on here and yes I understand there have been faithful readers dropping by every so often to see if there was anything new and i thank you all for that.

But the reason for the relative silence should be explained. My family – my son, my wife and myself – are going to be moving house shortly, from one side of Newport to another, and it is increasingly difficult to find the time to write anything meaningful beyond 140 characters while negotiating with estate agents and dealing with solicitors and mortgage advisors and all the rest. It’s all dreadfully middle class, I know, and I’m not exactly expecting sympathy but that’s my life really. The new house has less laminate flooring and a bigger kitchen, both of which should make me a happier bunny.

So what I’m trying to say – in a roundabout way – is that for the time being I am closing down Goldfish. This doesn’t mean it will disappear, it’s still there if people want to read it, but I haven’t got the time at the moment to write 3000 words on obscure indie bands when there is fifteen years accumulated junk in my attic that needs to be sorted and binned. (The upside of the sorting will be access to all my diaries and tapes, and maybe some memorabilia along the way too). So Goldfish is going to sleep for a few months.

But it will definitely be back. According to the WordPress stats and admin, this is my 99th post so when I return I want my 100th post to be something special. I’ve a good idea what it may be (and so will my Twitter followers) and I know I still want to write about things like Morrissey, freakbeat, Eyeless In Gaza and Virginia Astley and you never know, there may even be a sudden lurch towards the present rather than the past. But that is all in the future, and the future for Goldfish probably won’t restart until April. It would be quite poetic if the hundredth post was on 30th April, given that the first post was 30th April 2013. So that is something for me to aim for. I shall continue to meander aimlessly on Twitter, and I have a few assignments and commitments which I am doing my best to fulfil as quickly as possible (you know who you are and you will receive something soon). I think that a Toppermost on the Beach Boys which I contributed to is due to be published soon, and there’s another Toppermost I’m halfway through and other secret projects…

In the meantime, thanks for your continued support and help, and thanks to everyone who has shared my blog with the world, on Facebook and Twitter and even the radio (it’s always a thrill to hear someone say “A Goldfish Called Regret” on the radio). Thanks again to everyone and anyone and thanks for your patience.


PS – How good is the new material from Lightning In A Twilight Hour? Beautiful songwriting and luscious soundscapes – Bobby Wratten at his best! Wow!


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