Stop me if you think you’ve heard this one before

Everyone loves to argue over a top ten list – whether it be music or films or books or people or sweets (hmm, top ten sweets…. Now there’s a thought). If you like musical top tens then Toppermost is the website to check out. There’s over 350 articles there about different artists with a top ten songs included. The only reason I mention this now is because I’ve written a few articles there and I thought it might be a nice idea if I collated them all in one place on Goldfish. (Admittedly this isn’t an original idea – I’ll credit The Riverboat Captain for inspiring me to do this). My latest article is about The Smiths, a band I’ve been reluctant to write about before. It’s very much in the Goldfish style of writing, give or take a cough or two 😎 If you like me talking about music and girls and that kind of thing It might be worth a few minutes looking over it. In the meantime here’s some Toppermosts I prepared earlier.

The Kingsbury Manx

The Attack

Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark



The Orchids

The Durutti Column

Penguin Cafe Orchestra

Half Man Half Biscuit (written with Rick J Leach)

Teenage Fanclub (written with Keith Shackleton aka the Riverboat Captain)

The Smiths

Please have a look at the other articles at the Toppermost website – I’m sure you will find something interesting whatever your taste in music (unless Gregorian chants are your thing, in which case sorry)

Next time – Promises promises

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