Here comes the summer

A small update before I disappear for a while.

Firstly I’m going to take a break from the blog until early September. I intended to do that last year and it didn’t really happen. It probably won’t happen this year either – good intentions usually get wrecked by reality. But it’s summer – time for the family and for holidays and having fun, not writing blogs. Let’s see how long that lasts, shall we?

I probably will be writing in the background anyway because… OK a lot of people I follow on Twitter have been tweeting their top 50 debut albums and having read a lot of them it struck me I could create something similar. Only it isn’t as obvious as that. I hate having to be definitive – this is the best album ever? It may be different tomorrow – so what I’ll do is pick 40 debut albums and write about them, sometimes it will be a long one and sometimes it will be shorter. At least that’s the plan anyway. They won’t necessarily be all my favourite debut albums, but I’ll make a case for each of them to be worthy of your time. I certainly won’t be putting them in any order other than alphabetical. At the moment I’m not sure how it will turn out – maybe one post per album as and when I write it, or maybe group them up into threes or fours. It depends how much I write about each LP I suppose. I’ve got a short list of about sixty LPs to whittle down and I’m sure I’ll think of more as time goes by.

So that’s all in the future. As for the next few days, I’m heading for my friendly local softplay centre and quietly hoping they don’t play “Let it go” over the tannoy again.

Have a cool summer, boys and girls. 😎

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