Preludes Airs and Yodels

I would like to apologise most sincerely for the lack of posts on Goldfish. My Twitter followers will know that this is because my phone has been back for repairs again (again? AGAIN?)) so I was using a horrible old Android phone for three weeks. The last post on Paul Revere and the Raiders was an experiment to see if I could write using an Android phone. The result was yes I could but it was such a monumental pain in the arse that I didn’t want to do it ever again. My phone returned on Friday so I can start to write again.
In the meantime I wrote another Toppermost on my son’s iPad to see how easy that was. The answer was it was a nicer experience than the Android phone, bigger keyboard y’know, but once I’d written it I had to find a way to send it over which meant the hassle of hanging around in McDonalds using their wifi… Oh and eating their food. Ok, so that part wasn’t a hassle… Anyway, I wrote an article about the Penguin Cafe Orchestra, a band whose music I have loved for many years. So there’s a link to the article here in my typically verbose and personal style. You might like to read it.

Actually I didn’t mention in there how I first came across them. In 1983 I bought a fabulous book called “The Album Cover Album”, compiled by Roger Dean and Storm Thorgerson in 1977. It was a fascinating book, not least for being created at the cutoff point before punk so it was full of prepunk curiosities (and lots of Hipgnosis designs). There was a page on designs with a recurring theme and there were only two sets I can remember. The books – I also bought “Vol 2” and “Vol 3” when they were published in the mid 80s – are long gone, I suspect my brother may have them. One set was by a group called Passport, who turned out to be German prog rock or something like that (quickly googles group – no they were German jazz rock) who had stylised sleeves that were slightly freaky. But there were also four albums from Brian Eno’s Obscure Records label, with their distinctive covers, a blacked out picture of what looked like a city with a small section of the picture shown, and the artist and title in white in the top left hand corner. I recognised the style of the font – it was exactly the same as that used by Dorma Furnishing for their bed linen. Odd how these things link up. But one of the four albums was “Music from the Penguin Cafe”, which I thought was an intriguing name for an album. I wouldn’t hear the PCO until their three song Whistle Test performance in 1984 and I was smitten. But hey, you can read that over at Toppermost.

In the meantime, hopefully I’ll post two more entries before the summer break I usually say I’m taking then ignore. Firstly there’s the long promised article on Felt which I did actually start before my phone packed in, and secondly a piece about another summer. And then we’ll see where the Goldfish swims to from there. Yet again thank you for your patience and for those regularly dropping by from other people’s blogs (huge thanks as ever to Marcello and Lena and LondonLee and the Riverboat Captain for their support and links to my blog). And while I would like to say everything’s fine in the world of my phone, the battery is still completely discharging in three hours which was why it was being repaired in the first place. So don’t hold your breath! I would say ‘let normal service resume’ but I doubt it somehow… 8-(

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