Something for the longing

On Saturday 4th May 1991 I received a brown package through the post – the first of many packages I would receive over the years from Sarah Records. That first shipment contained the first two 7 inch EPs by Brighter and their debut 10 inch mini-LP “Laurel”, alongside a long A4 letter, in closely written handwriting in blue pen, from Clare Wadd apologising for the lateness of the package, agreeing with my letter with my order sent the previous month, and enclosing a flyer for the upcoming tour by The Orchids to promote their “Unholy Soul” LP. She wrote “I know it’s a fair way from Cardiff to Bristol but you could make it…”. Well sadly I didn’t make that journey then, but today I am travelling from Newport to Bristol for “Between hello and goodbye”, a celebration of Sarah Records including the debut screening of “My secret world” – a film on the label – and an exhibition of memomabilia and sets by Amelia and Rob from Heavenly, Secret Shine and – yes – the Orchids.

I’ve mentioned my love for Sarah Records many times, including this post about discovering them through The Field Mice. When I bought my ticket for tonight’s extravaganza I suggested to the nice folks at Toppermost that I could write an article for them with a Top 10 songs by The Orchids – and they agreed to have it coincide with today. So there’s a link to that article here, and hopefully I should be writing a review of the evening which will be available by the end of the week.

As for the future of this blog, I have a few more ideas in the pipeline – a few more Toppermosts for a start. Oh and thanks to WordPress for reminding me that the blog is one year old already – doesn’t time fly? Speaking of which I have another birthday coming up so there will be another birthday present record review on that day. It’s a goodie! Then I’ll see what else happens. There’s still unfinished business with my parents’ record collection, and a few other bits and pieces to come. In the meantime, thank you to my dedicated readers and followers for showing faith in me and encouraging me to write, and if anyone who follows me is going to the Arnolfini tonight, I’ll be the plump chap with thinning hair shouting out for “I was just dreaming” during the Orchids’ set (you have been warned!)

Next time – The Big E

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