Tiny words

A few weeks ago while I was writing my piece on “Radio Activity”, I happened to ask Toppermost if anyone had written a Top 10 of Kraftwerk thinking “Of course someone’s done Kraftwerk, only one of the most important bands in music history…”. But I was wrong, so I wrote one for them. You may like to read it here. As ever I would recommend you have a look around the site, there’s always something good to read and listen to there. (Other excellent music blogs are available too – Then Play Long is currently in a real purple patch of great writing at the moment). Anyway, apologies if I keep writing about Kraftwerk…

Another little point while I’m here. I’m taking a little break from writing for a while, what with Easter holidays coming up and everything. I’m working on two pieces for the end of the month – one for the 30th April (again?) and one for the 3rd May over at Toppermost – and there’s another one or two after that but beyond that point I have no plans to write for a little while. At the moment that ‘little while’ could be days or weeks or months. We’ll just see what happens. I might be inspired to write again, or I might not. We’ll see when we get there. In the meantime thank you to everyone who’s helped me along and supported me – you know who you are and I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

2 thoughts on “Tiny words

  1. Great article on Kraftwerk – one of my favourite bands and Neon Lights is one of favourite songs of all time. When we saw them in the early 80’s they were like no other band we had ever seen before and we had already seen quite a few electronic influenced bands but they were in a class of their own – it seemed like we had been transported into the future and witnessed something that was hard to describe. When we saw them years later they had so refined their sound with such precision and sound quality that it was like witnessing a scientist or a highly trained surgeon at work where everything was in its intended place and you couldn’t ask for a more perfect sound. They were visionaries and influential in more ways than one even if they never did carry out their ultimate goal to have the Robots replace them and tour Kraftwerk while they stayed comfortably at home in their studio monitering everything and occasionally sending hologram satelite projections to offer the audience a glimpse of what the human Kraftwerk might look like.

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