Dive into yesterday

I love the idea of the Toppermost website. Pick 10 songs by an artist – no matter how obscure – then write as many or as few words as you want. I love the variety of music on there too – recently there has been top tens by Arctic Monkeys, Joe Ely, Richard and Mimi Farina, Thin Lizzy, Boards of Canada, Jack Bruce… It’s a varied selection and there’s always something interesting to read. It also provides a handy introduction to some artists I’ve wanted to hear but have never got around to investigating.

So, during the lull between three Paul Simon LPs and three Colin Blunstone LPs I wrote a Toppermost article about Kaleidoscope, also known as Fairfield Parlour. It’s another of my typically verbose and hyperbole filled essays, and I enjoyed writing it and listening again to their music. I hope you enjoy it too and have a look around the site, it’s a wonderful idea full of great music and great writing.

So that’s three posts in just over a week? That’s remarkably productive by my standards. I’ve got two posts in progress at the moment – one is about a group who made a load of fabulous records and the other is about a group who made one EP, but I know their history very well because it’s my group 8-). We’ll just see which article gets finished first. Bye for now!

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