That was the year that was

New Year’s Eve. A time to take stock of the last twelve months and to look forward to another year. So what have I done?

Well not a lot really. Housework and listening to music. Watching TV and cooking. House husbandry and writing. Watching the developments made by my son and feeling proud. Having some lovely times with family and friends. And the world keeps turning and the music keeps playing.

As I have already mentioned I don’t really like compiling end of year albums lists because I don’t listen to enough new music to make a decent list. But I love the thrill of a new musical discovery. It might be a new song by a favourite artist or an artist I’ve never heard before or something recommended by someone else. Either way if it’s new to me and gives me that familiar ‘hairs on the nack of my neck’ tingle then I’m interested. So here’s some songs which have made me swoon this year.

“Hills of Katmandu” – Tantra
“Dreams” – The Allman Brothers Band
“Shopping” – The Jam
“Oar” – Optiganally Yours
“Collage” – The James Gang
“Strong” – London Grammar (thanks for reminding me, Top of the Pops)
“How things are done” – The Kingsbury Manx
“Now here is nowhere” – Secret Machines (RIP Benjamin Curtis)
“Pleurer et chanter” – Tomorrow’s World
“View from the drawbridge” – Mike Westbrook Orchestra
“New you” – My Bloody Valentine
“Parade” – White and Torch
“The carrier” – The Dodos
“Two by two” – Steve Martin
“Good name” – William Onyeabor
“Fall out of love” – Toy
“Lord and master” – Heron
“Week of pines” – Georgia Ruth

I could wax lyrical (as best I can) about these songs but frankly it’s not worth it. They have all touched me in different ways throughout the year and I love them all. It’s odd – the one album I’ve played most this year has been “Now here is nowhere” by Secret Machines, an album I bought on someone else’s recommendation which turned out to be utterly wonderful – right up my motorik post-punk drone psych street. It’s still there on my little MP3 player whilst so much other music this year has been added and deleted And then the singer from Secret Machines passed away last night after a battle with cancer, and it brought back so many memories of other people far closer to home who’ve lost that battle. And I just felt such rage that cancer can do this, can ravage a body and waste a talent. But music and memories are still there and should never be forgotten.

So…there’s readers out there who will recognise entries on the list as songs they have recommended or mentioned to me and I thank you all for pointing me in new directions. The journey continues, the music is out there, and I’ll keep searching and listening and reading and taking note. Thanks to all my readers and those who’ve supported me and linked to me on their blogs and retweeted my blog and everything else. I’ve had nearly 4000 views since the blog started which I think is incredible. Thanks for a great year, here’s to the future.

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