Mangled Tapes

At the moment I am composing a post about a certain band’s music and the certain time in my life when I discovered it and the influence it had on me. No different to any other of my blog posts I suppose. But in this case, another aspect is being mentioned over and over again – the music I wrote and recorded at the time. This was when I bought a four track recorder and started to record myself in a slightly more professional manner than just bouncing from one tape recorder to another (which I’d done for the previous seven years). This led to me wondering whether it might be worth me putting these songs onto Soundcloud and letting them go – they are over 20 years old, surely I should let someone hear them?

So just a thought – is this something anyone is interested in? Half of me thinks it is an utterly narcisstic act and drawing attention to myself. The other half of me thinks it might be a laugh. And after all I don’t have that big a fanbase. I’d write a little about each song, giving context which may or may not shed some light on the process. There’s probably about 30 songs written and recorded between ’92 and ’94, three albums and two EPs. So – thoughts please?

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