Is this your idea of a holiday?

Due to circumstances beyond my control, I’ve decided I’m taking a summer break from the blog slightly earlier than anticipated. It will be difficult for me to find the time to write during the school holidays – it takes time to develop and write these things and I won’t be able to devote the time to immersing myself in music with my family around me. Sorry, I’m making it sound like an effort to write – it isn’t, it’s a pleasure to write about music and memories, but can be time-consuming. However I will return in September – I have a few ideas of what I’d like to write about next so may develop them over the next six weeks or so.

Until then, thank you for reading my words and for the kind comments and support I’ve received. As of today I’ve had over 1400 views spread across all my posts – I’m stunned that I’ve had so many people read my wittering nonsense. Thank you all, and enjoy the summer. Unless you’re in New Zealand, in which case enjoy the winter.

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